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Good Morning, Lake Merritt! | Bay Area Family Photography

I photographed baby M in the Spring at Baby's Day Out with 510 Families, and we had such a fun time that Colleen called me and scheduled baby M's one year session for months away! I was excited to see them again, because I really love watching these babies grow up. It's one of my favorite parts of my job - seeing your kiddos change. I just relish it. 

The W's - {BABYLOVE} Newborn Session | OAKLAND, California

Whenever I am invited in to a home to photograph a new family, I consider it a gigantic privilege. Being inside that sacred space - those early days home from the hospital - is something that I cherish because of how raw and intense it is. No situation is ever the same, though I see some of the same struggles, everyone has a different combination of joys, pains and emotion when they bring their baby home. 

The W's were so sweet and so in love with their new son, but also still working very hard to establish a solid breastfeeding relationship, and on the verge of the 3 week growth spurt this little guy spent a lot of time needing his mama. And that? it can be really, really hard. So a comfy spot and a really good Dad to step in for help can be lifesavers. 

(Thank you N + R - <3)